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Who we are

Teater Fluks is a Danish theatre company based in the old industrial harbour area of Aarhus, where we run a laboratory space called Performance Atelier Fluks (PAF).

Established in 2011 by Sara Fink Søndergaard and Rasmus Malling Lykke Skov, Teater Fluks produce original and intimate work. Driven by resonance, research and social sensibility we combine theatre, performance-art, installations and sound.

We facilitate poetic spaces and experiences which require an active audience experience. Our work is research led involving cross-sectorial collaborations within a global context. And we aim to make positive change through new perceptions and positive disruptions within poetic artistic experiences which ultimately create a better society.



Teater Fluks Artistic Directors


Sara Fink Søndergaard is a performer and auteur. Educated as Auteur from the Danish School of Performing Arts, and with an academic background as a Master of Arts in Educational Theory and Curriculum studies (Music education). Søndergaards work has a focus on personal stories, reflections, music, intimacy and research. She also enjoy working with performance-installations and especially in areas where performance, theatre and art-installations interconnect.

Rasmus Malling Lykke Skov is a performer, dramaturg and stage director; A Performing arts practitioner, educated as Auteur at the Danish School of Performing Arts, and with an academic background in History of Ideas (BA) and Dramaturgy (MA). Skov makes work for different arenas within the performing arts, primarily focused on personal perspectives, investigations, paradoxes, and the intersection between performance art, theatre and performance-installations.


Subject matters!

Our work evolves around an artistic approach called Subject Matters - a specific way of creating artistic work that is rooted in a detailed artistic starting point and is the place where our detailed research begins. This focus supports our strong belief in resonance, ensures sustained reflection and gives us the courage to keep developing on our work right up until the premiere. 


Subject Matters is also a way to let our artistic starting point guide us and bring new material and research into our working process. This makes a substantial impact on the final work of art. 


Resonance is the physical and emotional impact which echo inside us. This could be in the form of a story, a certain topic or theme, a picture or whatever resonates and moves us. esonance is our personal artistic starting point and guideline. In the end an authentic work of art is carried by the people involved in the creative process and their personal resonances, visions and artistic forces. 


At the same time we also want our work to resonate with the audience. Perhaps our creative disruption can become an offset for new thoughts and perspectives?


All of our artistic work is based on research. In this part of the creative process we collect new material and information,  

We keep returning to our starting point and use that as a direction for our further research. We are curious and thorough. We are eager to learn new things, different narratives, alternative ways of communicating and develop our artistic practice. Finally we have a network of knowledge spun around our starting point, which we can use in our further creative process.



We are very much aware of the context we work in. Driven by curiosity we aim to meet our surroundings, our partners and the audiences with meaningfulness and relevance.   


In order to be able to pass on our resonance and research we strive to highlight the relevance in the works of art we present. They are never just works of art in their own right, but are always performances with a message. 


Our main goal is to create and present works of art which resonate in the audience and make them question the parts of everyday life that are usually taken for granted.

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